The International Balkan University, the Istanbul Technical University and the International Institute for Hazards and Engineering have the exceptional honour to invite researchers and professionals to present state-of-the-art papers on science and practice at the 1st International Conference on Hazards and Engineering (ICHE2020).

The conference will be held in the capital city of the Republic of North Macedonia, Skopje in the period 08 – 11 June 2020. The conference will be a unique forum where natural and manmade hazards will be considered from a scientific point of view and engineering solutions for reducing the risks related to these hazards will be examined. As “all in one conference”, special attention will be paid to climate change and pollution of the human environment, since the frequent occurrence of some of the individual hazards can be due to climate change and pollution. Civil violence in an urban community, as one of the more common hazards induced by the individual and collective behaviour of the people, will be viewed at the ICHE2020, as well. 

The actuality and variety of the carefully selected topics will contribute to the exchange of opinions of experts in certain hazard areas for more successful dealing with them. The International Scientific Committee composed of renowned professors and scientists from around the world will make a successful selection of papers to be presented at the conference. 

The Organizing Committee is looking forward to the coming of their old friends to the conference and their visiting Skopje again. We are waiting for the new participants to attend this international conference. Finally, it is to be mentioned that the organizing staff is ready to begin the preparations for the conference and show their organizational skills and hospitality.

Chairmen of the Conference,